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Running To Lose Weight: Is It Effective?

Running To Lose Weight: Is It Effective?

by Randall Cox

The other activities in your daily routine will determine that. If you run and don't make any lifestyle changes, then your weight will drop. There are instances when that doesn't happen, because you might have increased your muscle mass, and muscle is heavier than fat. You shouldn't expect your weight to drop if you are body building. However, you would be slimmer.
Many people start running to lose weight. It is a good exercise, but can it be helpful when you want to lose pounds?

The problem that can arise for many people who start running to lose weight is that there is a natural tendency to consume more calories to compensate for the calories burned while running. With such small margins, it's not difficult to do.

A person with average weight will burn off a hundred calories in a mile-long run. A glass of orange juice can give you back that hundred calories. That's why you should be very particular about what you consume if you really want to lose weight by running.

You should also remember that a pound of lost weight is achieved by burning about 3500 calories. So a 150-pound person needs to run 35 miles in a week to get rid of one pound, if he hasn't made any alterations in his diet.

At this point, you probably realize that the diet is very important when you take up running to lose weight. You can list down all the foods and the amounts you've eaten in a day. You can log it on line on a food tracking site to know the caloric equivalents.

Yes, this means weighing your food if you want to be accurate, but you will be surprised just how effective this step can be. Even without trying, the effect of logging everything that we eat will often result in eating less. It causes hesitation before grabbing another cookie.

As a side note, you can do the same thing if you need to save money. You'll eventually start spending less if you jot down all your expenses.

To decrease your weight, you can't run once in a month only. Twice a week is not enough to decrease your weight. Three times or more per week is ideal.

Having said all of that, running is certainly great exercise. You can lose weight with it if you have a proper diet. Running also boosts your metabolism and your ability to burn more calories. Of course, it can be stressful on the heart, so if you are not very fit it is best to have your doctor check you out before you start running to lose weight.

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