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Swimming For Fitness And A Great Body

Swimming For Fitness And A Great Body

by Debera Wendelken

When it comes to selecting a cardio-exercise, you have many options. It may be that you use a combination of different exercises and what you select is oftentimes based on what you enjoy. A cardiovascular workout offers such benefits as better heart health and more energy. It is possible to find activities that can be done outdoors and indoors with the aim of getting your blood pumping. Let's discuss the benefits of swimming, one kind of cardiovascular workout you may not have considered.

With swimming, your body weight is supported by the water and, thus, your muscles are less stressed. If you think about running, for example, there is the danger of putting pressure on your joints but the contemporary running shoes have helped to reduce this. However, it is the case that many types of cardio exercise can result in minor strains and at times longer term stress on the body. Swimming does not result in this kind of injury and, so, it is common for injured athletes to take up swimming to help them remain in shape.

It is not hard to start swimming although there is some preparation and planning needed. When it comes to swimwear, you'll want to purchase a quality outfit as well as some goggles and a swim cap, if you want. Also, you need to locate a swimming area, whether it's a private membership or public access, that will give you the chance to swim lengths uninterrupted. However, when you are ready, try going twice or thrice per week and the progress you make will depend on your current ability.

You can alter your program with different kinds of swimming so you won't get bored and so you can adequately exercise every part of your body. Occasionally, try swimming as many lengths as you can in a set amount of time and some days try to alternate between fast swimming and short distance sprints. You can try various strokes during your practices and, as you grow into a stronger swimmer, you may want to improve your techniques even further by utilizing specific swimming aids.

If you are using swimming as a component of a cross training fitness program, try structuring some of the workouts that you do in the gym to benefit the way you swim. Doing exercises which will assist you with flexibility and muscle strength will help to improve your motivation to swim and your technique as well. A big plus that you will experience is developing a great swimmer's body which will give you a feeling of good health.

Without question, swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise that can give you the assurance that you look your best.

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