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10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight without Starving

10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight without Starving

by Bill Peng

If you are trying to find a way to lose weight, you might have tried (or at least heard about the horrible stories of) a starving-diet - in the program you try to eat less or barely nothing and lose your weight in a short period of time.

The concern with this strategy is that most weight you lost is your body water! Once you start to eat again, your weight will come back - maybe with even more because you tend to eat a lot more after the horrible starving period.

The good news is, there are simple and effectively ways that allow you to lose weight without starving. Here are the top 10 ways that will work for you:

1. Always eat your breakfast. Eat scrambled eggs and drink some milk will keep you fuller longer than any quick and unhealthy food, such as a doughnut. Believe or not, you need energy to burn your fat and grow your muscle (that is needed for both man and woman!).

2. Eat more and smaller meals. Instead of the 3 big meals, eat 6-8 smaller ones. You can still have your 3 meals, but throw in snacks in between.

3. Stay away from starches. Pasta, white bread and potatoes make you fat. If you just love pasta, go with whole-wheat. Trade your white bread with whole wheat too and potatoes with sweet potatoes. Try to eat as little as possible.

4. Do exercise. You can try weight lifting or other serious exercises, or do jogging or yoga.

5. Think before you eat and eat slowly. Don't eat just anything because it's there. If it's fried, oily, salty, or pure junk, don't eat it. When you eat, take your time and probably stop in the middle to chat a bit more or do something else. Your digesting system is very slow to sense the fullness of your tummy and signal your brain. This slow-down eating style will help you eat less.

6. Reward your efforts once in a while. You don't have to stick to your diet plan every day . Instead, eat something you really like or go to your favorite restaurants once or twice a week. This will make your life more enjoyable and give you more confidence to stick to your weight loss program to lose more weight continuously.

7. Reduce your calorie intake. You need only to remove 500 calories a day to effectively lose weight. For each 3,500 calories cutting down, you lose 1 pound. This is a very healthy and achievable way to lose 1 pound a week. The beauty of this approach is that you can do it long-term and steadily bring your weight down and keep it that way!

8. Stay away bad food. Hide or throw away the bad food that you shouldn't eat. Don't keep any coupons or respond to fast food promotion.

9. Enjoy fibers. They clean your body, speed up your metabolism, make you feel fuller and help you lose weight. Celery, apple and other fruits have a ton of fiber. However you need to eat fruits with the skin because that's where most fibers are!

10. Drink 8 glasses of water. The majority of your body weight is water. If you drink plenty of water, you are telling your body that it doesn't need to store that amount of water therefore you will lose weight!

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